NB: Muskeg is closed. Please enjoy the archives.


Muskeg is an online literary journal established in 2018 committed to publishing new, emerging, and established writers of all stripes. We are catholic in our tastes and open to all styles; Muskeg is primarily interested in quality. We want to read your poems, short stories, and essays. Muskeg accepts submissions and publishes on a rolling basis.


Because the editors of Muskeg dislike it when a journal becomes as much about its editors as the writers they publish, we prefer to remain anonymous. We also don't want to have to explain anything to our bosses.


Muskeg welcomes submissions from everyone except racists, sexists, and capitalists. Send a reasonable amount of work in the body of the email (this is our preference) or attached as a .doc or .docx. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Brief cover letters and short bios are appreciated but not required. We aim to respond within one week. All rights revert to the author upon publication. Send submissions and all other correspondence to:

muskegmagazine at gmail dot com