MiRo: 3 poems


Shortly after receiving a meaningless award, Knud Halvorsen was caught sexually abusing a goldfish
in the anus.
Pleading his innocence in court he argued that he "didn't even like fish".
Later on he claimed that "fish didn't even have rectal canals".
The judge was having none of it and sentenced Knud to death by electrocution.

That Day In The Forest

Rhubarb Pete spoke backwards and seeped deeper through
the floor boards.
They were moist in the forest and after dark.
Damien Doper ate an orange.
Earlier that day he had seen seventeen kittens sitting on the
rim of a vase.

The Special

I like your cat, he said.
I’m in no mood to watch a cat fight tonight, I replied.

MiRo is a surrealist from Worcestershire, England. He uses automatism to write. His debut booklet “Cold Water versus Tropical Fish" is available now from his website. MiRo has previously appeared in Philosophical Idiot and forthcoming editions of Picaroon Poetry and Formercactus. https://miropoet.wordpress.com

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